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Avon Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Services

When you run a business, every dollar counts. Are you tracking your revenue and expenses carefully? Are you generating the reports you need to make quality decisions about the direction of your business? As a business owner, you need to stay on top of the numbers if you want to be profitable and enjoy growth, but doing so on your own can be confusing, frustrating, and very time-consuming.
To protect your business, you need an Avon accountant or bookkeeper. To get a sense of how our team at Szweda Consulting can help you, take a look at the services we offer in Avon and its surrounding communities.

Avon Bookkeeper and Tax Accountant Services

At Szweda Consulting, we offer high-quality bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation services for all kinds of businesses in the Avon area. Our services include the following:


When you’re busy running a business, you don’t necessarily have time to enter every number into your bookkeeping records or take care of mundane tasks such as reconciling your bank records with your business accounts.
Your Avon bookkeeper, Ben Szweda, can handle these tasks for you so that you can focus on running your business. Our specialists work closely with your books so that you never forget to note revenue or track business expenses. They can also juggle other essentials for you such as payroll.

Tax Preparation

Quality tax prep is critical if you want to reduce your tax liability while also ensuring you pay your fair share and minimize the risk of an unwanted assessment by the Internal Revenue Service. At Szweda Consulting, we can help you prepare tax returns for all types of businesses including sole proprietorships, partnerships, S-corps, C-corps, and more.


A modern Avon accountant doesn’t just crunch the numbers. Instead, these specialists can help you make important decisions about your business. Having the view of an objective third party helps you avoid making choices based on emotions and guides you toward the most effective decisions based on your bottom line. Many companies, large and small, nowadays are choosing to work with local accounting consultants who are outside their organization to save money, gain an outside perspective, and more.

Generating Financial Statements

A big part of quality decision making means having the right information, and to help business owners, we offer detailed financial statements. Get more control over your cash flow, find out if you’re overleveraging debt, identify the most profitable aspects of your business, and more with our unique financial statements.

An Experienced Tax Accountant Avon Businesses Can Trust

When a local Avon business is in need of a tax accountant, you can be assured you have reached a professional you can trust, and even more importantly, a professional with experience working alongside businesses across different industries.
We understand the unique challenges of working alongside unique industries. Perhaps you need someone who understands the complexities of constantly changing revenue recognition standards or someone who understanding cost accounting in the construction or manufacturing industries. Or you need someone who can help with reporting complicated real estate transactions such as interest payments and capital gains on an owner-carry mortgage loan. These are just two simple examples of the types of bookkeeping and accounting challenges we address for our clients.
Our accounting and bookkeeping services have helped businesses in the following industries:
Real estate
General small businesses
And more
Regardless of the type of business you run, we know you will be impressed!
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Ready to give yourself a break from the numbers so you can focus on the rest of your business? Want to enjoy the leading edge you get from working with a professional bookkeeper or accountant? Then, contact us today.
At Szweda Consulting, we offer independent and flexible bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and consulting services to businesses across multiple industries, and we don’t just provide services in Avon. We offer our services to businesses across the country.
Reach out to us today over the phone at (216) 509-1561 or use our online form to request a free consultation to learn how our services can help you.

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