Frequently Asked Questions

Just click the Contact tab at the top of the page. From there you can call us or send us a message. We’ll get back to you within one business day.

We accept ACH and credit cards payments. Making digital payments is easy as we send all our invoices via QuickBooks Online. From right in the emailed invoice you can pay by entering your checking account routing and account number or your credit card number.

You aren't required to, but you can make an online account in which you'll be able to monitor the payroll tax payments made to the IRS on your behalf.

We’re biased, but we think so. We do more than bank reconciliations. We add value and save you money by doing things fast and right the first time. We share with you our experience in accounting and your industry that we’ve gathered from working with countless similar clients. We also help you maximize your tax deductions and make smart decisions all year long.

No! Your location doesn’t matter. We have processes and technology in place to allow us to serve clients anywhere in America. Aside from OH, we currently have clients in CA, NC, NY, PA and TX.

We’ll happily have zoom or phone meetings with you. When it comes to actually performing the work you’ve hired us for, we do this off site.

We can honor special requests, but generally we send emails to notify you about the progress on and the completion of your project. Also, for our hourly bill clients, our monthly invoices are detailed breakdowns of the work we performed.

We only maintain accounting records with QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essential, Plus or Advanced. However, we will help you convert from Xero, Sage, QuickBooks Desktop or other products to the QBO platform.

Yes! We are accepting new individual and business tax clients. We also have select openings throughout each month to onboard new clients for ongoing bookkeeping services.

We don’t take in-person appointments as our professionals work remotely. We’re happy to book a call to answer your questions though!

We will provide you a log in to our secure online portal where you can upload PDFs and images of documents. If you would prefer to mail documents to us we recommend sending documents with a tracking number. We will return all documents we receive after the end of the tax season. You will be charged $9.90 for each mailing.

We do not take responsibility for moving your money. However, we have third-party technology solutions in place that allow us to enter and categorize your bills and let you pay them by clicking a button on a smartphone app or website

We don’t take responsibility for your cash or checks, but we will record the data in your accounting software. We recommend mobile deposit with a smart phone or for high volume, we advise that a check scanner be installed at your office so trips to the bank can be eliminated.