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We offer a wide range of customizable bookkeeping and payroll services to meet every type of business need. We’re based in Cleveland, but you don’t have to be; we serve clients nationwide.
Whether daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly we fully manage all your day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting needs so you can focus on running and growing your business. Our day-to-day bookkeeping service will keep your accounting office running and your records up to date. We can handle everything or support a staff person you currently have employed.

What is a Bookkeeper?

A bookkeeper is an individual who performs low level but critical accounting tasks. In business, a bookkeeper might record daily transactions, balance the books, pay bills, and collect deposits — everything that the business needs to do to manage its day-to-day operations. Many small businesses have a single bookkeeper or the bookkeeper is actually the manager or owner of the business. In larger businesses, there may be multiple bookkeepers, as well as an accountancy team.

What Are Other Terms For A Bookkeeper?

An accountant may be called a bookkeeper when an accountant performs the functions of a bookkeeper. If a business hires an accountant to complete their day-to-day books, then their bookkeeper is their accountant. Likewise, a company’s bookkeeper can also be a certified public accountant or a Cleveland certified bookkeeper. The role of a bookkeeper is often a descriptive one: it describes the work that is being done.
However, it’s important not to confuse a bookkeeper with an accountant. While accountants can be bookkeepers, bookkeepers cannot be accountants: accountants require additional training and experience that bookkeepers generally don’t have.
There are different roles that a bookkeeper could have. Occasionally, a bookkeeper may be called an accounting clerk instead. They may be called an accounts receivable clerk or an accounts payable clerk, or a payroll clerk. Depending on the size of a business, a bookkeeper may have a fairly specialized role.
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What Does A Bookkeeper Do?

A bookkeeper is going to perform a different subset of tasks from an accountant. The following are generally considered bookkeeping tasks:
Entering in transactions: Bookkeepers may automatically pull transactions from credit accounts or bank accounts or may enter them in from statements. These transactions have to be entered into accounting solutions such as QuickBooks, so they can be properly attributed to specific types of income and expense. If transactions aren’t entered properly, companies won’t be able to see how they’re spending and making their money.
Paying bills: Bookkeepers may collect bills for payment and be responsible for paying these bills on time. Once the bills are paid, these transactions will also be entered into the accounting solutions.
Making deposits: Bookkeepers may collect deposits and deposit them for the company, or just enter in already made deposits into the accounting software. These deposits will often need to be applied to the correct client accounts to ensure that the client balances are correct.
Reconciling bank accounts: The only way to make sure that transactions have been entered properly is to reconcile the accounts. Bookkeepers will reconcile the accounts by making sure that all cleared transactions match the ending bank balance.
Printing out reports: A bookkeeper will print out reports such as income and expense statements, balance sheets, general ledger reports, paid checks, and so forth — reports that the company may need to make decisions. Often these will also be reviewed by an accountant.

Accounts Receivable

We can invoice your customers or clients for you as frequently as you require. Monthly statements can be sent to ensure your receivables don’t go unpaid.

Accounts Payable

We can record and categorize all expenses whether purchases are made by check, cash or credit card. We can match bills to POs and packing slips and work with inventory systems as well. For bills that have to be paid, we use to speed the process along. This software allows for the easy recording of bills and gives you the power to approve payments before they are made. then takes care of the mundane task of printing checks and mailing them to the vendor.

Account Reconciliation

At month end we reconcile all bank, credit card, loan and other balance sheet accounts. Through reconciliation we:
Discover lost checks and deposits helping you get all the money you’ve earned.
Scan for fraudulent charges and unnecessary bank fees and take appropriate action.
Prevent improper employee use of company funds, and
Set a sound foundation for the issuance of financial statements.

Szweda Consulting For Accounting And Bookkeeping Services

Are you interested in hiring a certified accountant or bookkeeping service? Are you unsure which service you need? At Szweda Consulting, we’re your Cleveland certified bookkeeper providing complete accountancy and bookkeeping services that are flexible and customized to our customers’ needs. We provide services on a national level, that includes everything from day-to-day bookkeeping services to payroll and tax preparation. Contact us today at (216) 509-1561. to find out more — your initial consultation is always free.
Save time
Let us send your invoices, record and categorize your credit card purchases and enter your bills.
Bill payments on the go
We offer integration to our clients so you don’t have to waste time printing checks, but can still approve each payment before it’s made.
Digital record storage
We offer several types of digital record storage that replace the file cabinets of old. Have access to bill images and receipts from anywhere.
Grow your business
Have the accurate data necessary to get valuable insight into your purchasing and start a budgeting process with solid facts.

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