Part-Time Controller Services

Access to C-level professionals that you pay for only when you need them

Our part-time / fractional controller and CFO services provide your small business with access to C-Suite level finance professionals just when you need one. We partner with business owners to make decision making easier. At a high level, we improve your decision making ability by making available quality and timely reporting and dashboards. We become the professional overseeing and protecting the financial side of your business. We offer strategic recommendations and advise on long-term goals and business plans including equipment purchases and product line expansion.

If you are using a bookkeeper or an in-house staff person and want their work reviewed before tax time, we are your experts. The biggest way we add value is by understanding your business and putting the accounting language into plain English. We make sure to provide you with useful and explained financial reports that will guide your decisions.

Financial Statements

If you use our bookkeeping service or have an in-house staff person performing this role, our part-time controller service is a great next step. Our first priority is to provide you with quality reporting to enable smart and real-time business decisions.

We issue the standard financial statements (Balance Sheet, AR Aging, AP Aging, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows) and can design custom reporting to meet your needs. From this step alone you will have improved decision making capabilities and better understand the financial side of your business.

We’re offering a FREE Financial Statement Review!

Cash management

Knowing how much cash you have and where and when you will have to spend it is vital to running any business. We can complete a cash analysis to answer these questions and give you options for accessing additional funds.

Our cash flow projections begin with a historical look back to understand where your cash has previously gone. We then prepare projections from the very short term to the long term and design a strategy to meet the identified needs.

If there are hurdles discoved in your cash management policies we can help you fix them whether that means gaining access to a line of credit or redeveloping receivable collection policies. If you have cash on hand, we can help with options for making the most use of it.

Guidance towards growth

Growing starts with a plan and we will help you create one. Not only do we create budgets, but we plan for capital purchases and product / service expansion. We conduct profitability and trend analyses to determine product / service line profitability and make recommendations for growth. We analyze profitability on a company basis, product line basis and even at a per job level.

Once a plan is set we monitor it and have regular meetings with you to ensure the business stays on track and adjustments are made as needed. If your plan requires financing or additional insurance we will liaise between you and other professionals including bankers, attorneys, vendors and insurance agents.

Policies and Procedures

Custom designed procedures and policies combined with an accounting department manual work great at both lessening the likelihood of embezzlement and ensuring staff follow best practices. We can help develop policies from scratch or observe what you currently have in place and make suggestions for improvement. Along the way we establish strong internal controls and segregation of duties to help safeguard your profits.

Once agreed upon procedures are developed we are happy to help with ongoing training and managing your accounting staff.

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