Tax Planning & Preparation

Schedule C Filers | Partnerships | S-Corps | Non-profits

All tax services are offered by qualified, certified professionals (EAs and CPAs) that can fully represent you before the IRS.

Business Taxes

Whether you run a sole proprietorship (Schedule C Filers) or are part of a partnership (Form 1065) or a S-Corp (Form 1120S) we can handle your business tax return return. 

Business Taxes

We’ll handle the 1040 and other personal tax filings for any business owner, partner, etc for whom we prepare a business return.

Non-profit Form 990

We can complete the annual filing for your non-profit organization. 

Non-profit Form 990

We offer tax planning services that allow you and your business to reduce its tax liability.

– Form 1065 (or Form 7004 to extend) due to IRS. Sch. K-1 due to each partner. 

 – Form 1120S (or Form 7004 to extend) due to IRS. Sch. K-1 due to each shareholder. 

– Form 2553 due to IRS to elect S-Corp status for current calendar year.

 – Form 1040 (or Form 4868 to extend)     due to IRS.

– Extended Form 1065s and 1120S due to IRS.

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