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Bay Village Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Services

At Szweda Consulting, LLC, we offer high-quality bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses in the Cleveland area including Bay Village and many other areas around Cleveland while also providing our services nationwide.
We go beyond basic bookkeeping and tax prep services, and we offer a suite of consulting services to ensure your business has the help it needs to thrive and survive in today’s competitive environment. Want to learn more about how our Bay Village bookkeeper or accountant can help you? Then, keep reading for a look at our services.

Accounting Service We Offer to Bay Village

When a Bay Village business hires Szweda Consulting, the business owners can access the following types of services:

Quickbooks Setup

To make the most of QuickBooks, you need to set up the software correctly and efficiently. You also need to implement workflows that allow your team to easily update details. A Bay Village bookkeeper or accountant can help businesses avoid common set-up errors. We handle tasks such as customizing preferences, managing sales tax tracking, creating custom fields, and more.
Your accounting software is an investment into the current and long-term success of your business — our QuickBooks set up services in Bay Village helps to ensure you’re optimizing this solution. Our team is fully certified in QuickBooks and are also certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

Gusto Payroll

Want to ensure you’re paying all your employees in a timely manner and handling their taxes accurately? Then, consider hiring our Bay Village bookkeeper to do payroll for you. We will sync your time tracking records with the payroll software and we also handle the finer details that follow so you can get back to business.

Part-Time Controller

Every successful and growing business needs a dedicated expert to oversee their accounting operations, and when they hire a tax accountant, Bay Village businesses can get access to an expert part-time controller through Szweda Consulting. This professional keeps on top of your accounting, payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivables, and will help your company with strategic decision making.

Tax Preparation

When you run a business, you have to stay on top of your tax obligations. This includes submitting returns and payments for payroll, sales, and income tax as well as any other tax obligations your business faces. When working with a tax accountant Bay Village businesses can rest assured that they stay compliant with their tax obligations while also optimizing their deductions and facing the lowest tax liability possible. Additionally, by relieving these duties, business owners can work on more important items they originally went into business for.
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Benefits of Working With a Local Bookkeeper in the Bay Village Area

When you hire our Bay Village bookkeeper, your business gets to enjoy numerous benefits such as:
Cost saving - Compared to hiring an internal finance team, hiring an outside accountant saves you money on payroll and office space.
Reduced risk of turnover - When working with a third-party accountant Bay Village businesses don’t have to worry about the accountant leaving as they do with internal bookkeepers and accountants. Working with a business owner means our bookkeeper understands your position and prides themselves on the work provided to you.
Access to industry experts - Our accountants and consultants have worked with businesses throughout a range of industries including manufacturing, real estate, retail, restaurants, and more. We have expert-level knowledge of countless industries, helping to ensure you get the best service possible.
Objective opinions - Outside advice can help you make more effective decisions about your business. Our specialists can provide the advice your Bay Village business needs to thrive.
Ability to focus on your business - When you own a business, you understand your business inside and out, and in a lot of cases, your business may be your passion project. As an entrepreneur, you need the ability to focus on your day-to-day operations and your trajectory toward success, and by letting us handle the books, you give yourself that chance.

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