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Beachwood Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax Services

Led by Benjamin Szweda, Szweda Consulting works with businesses across the country, but we offer a range of accounting and booking services throughout the Cleveland Beachwood area as well.
Want to know how our Beachwood bookkeeper or accountant can help you save money and move your business in the right direction? Then, take a look at the services we offer to Beachwood and the surrounding communities.

Accounting Services We Offer in Beachwood

When they hire a bookkeeper or tax accountant Beachwood business owners can request the following types of services and more.

QuickBooks Setup

QuickBooks is an investment in your business, but to optimize the features of this software, everything must be set up correctly. Want help customizing fields, designing invoice templates, or optimizing your accounting software in other ways? Then, let our Beachwood bookkeeper help. As a Certified Elite QuickBooks ProAdvisor nationwide, Ben Szweda is an expert on how QuickBooks will work for you.

Tax Preparation

Are you making the most of your business deductions? Do you have the most effective business structure from a tax perspective? When hiring a tax accountant, Beachwood’s entrepreneurs can enjoy the benefits of high-quality tax prep without having to waste time or worry about making mistakes by doing their own returns. Get yourself back to what you went into business for.


When you have to make important decisions about your business, it’s easy to get clouded by emotions or make choices based on poor information. With our consulting services, you get access to expert-level advice that can help your business thrive. The top reason most growing and successful businesses are moving to a third-party for consulting, tax, accounting, and bookkeeping work is the objective perspective our expert provides.

Payroll Tax Filings

Payroll taxes are some of the most important taxes your business needs to pay, and arguably, the Internal Revenue Service is stricter about these taxes than almost any other type of tax. Save yourself the headache and let our specialist handle payroll and tax filings.

Accounts Receivable Management

When businesses don’t stay on top of outstanding invoices, they leave money on the table and compromise their access to working capital. In most cases, the longer an invoice is outstanding, the less likely you are to receive the payment. To help you avoid these troublesome issues, we offer accounts receivable management to help identify these issues early.

Budget Control

Financial and cash flow issues are the most significant issues that compromise the success of small and early-stage businesses. Beachwood’s business owners have to pay attention to their budget to ensure that they can afford their day-to-day business expenses, but they also need to budget for tax payments and capital investments that are essential for long-term growth. Our budget control services can help protect your bottom line and secure the growth of your business.
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Reasons to Choose Services From Our Beachwood Bookkeeper and Accountant

If you run a business in Beachwood or the surrounding communities, you need the ability to focus on your business and not get mired in bookkeeping or accounting tasks. You also need help making decisions, ensuring tax payments are made on time, and reducing your tax liability as much as possible.
The service offered by our Beachwood bookkeeper and accountant can help your business get past these hurdles and achieve new levels of success. Why should you hire us? Here are just a few of the reasons our clients love working with us:
Professional - Whether you reach out to us for bookkeeping, tax prep, consulting, or other services, you can always ensure that we will help you professionally and consistently.
Goal Oriented - We don’t just help you with the basics. We work with you to meet and exceed your business goals.
Local - Because we’re local to the Beachwood area, we can easily visit your office in person, although we perform most of our services off-site. However, if you’re not local, that’s not a problem. We also offer bookkeeping and accounting services to businesses around the country from New York to California.
To set up services from a Beachwood bookkeeper & accountant, contact us today. Give us a call at (216) 509-1561 or fill out our online contact form to set up a free consultation.

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