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When you run a business, every dollar counts. Are you tracking your revenue and expenses carefully? Are you generating the reports you need to make quality decisions about the direction of your business? As a business owner, you need to stay on top of the numbers if you want to be profitable and enjoy growth, but doing so on your own can be confusing, frustrating, and very time-consuming.

To protect your business, you need an Avon accountant or bookkeeper. To get a sense of how our team at Szweda Consulting can help you, take a look at the services we offer in Avon and its surrounding communities.

Business Tax Services

Accounting Services

Companies that want to be financially competitive need a good accountant on their team. Our bookkeeping and accounting services will take care of your company's financial records and help to make sure you're staying on top of the numbers.

Our Gate Mills accounting services include:

  • Financial consulting to help your business avoid problems or find new opportunities

  • Point-in-time accounting services to prepare your financial reports, whether it's monthly, quarterly, or annually

  • Unlimited bookkeeping management so you don't have to worry about the numbers yourself

  • Tax services, so you can plan ahead for your taxes and ensure that you're making the right decisions for your business

Hiring an outsourced accounting firm saves you the time and money it would take to do your financials yourself.

Gate Mills Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is just keeping track of money coming in and going out at its most basic. A business owner needs to keep track of their company's expenses and income to stay on top of their cash flow.

Our Gate Mills bookkeeping services include:

  • Business bookkeeping services for startups or established companies.

  • Month-end or quarterly financial statements

  • Cash analyses and income/expense reports showing your company's performance over time

If you don't want to manage your bookkeeping services on your own, our business consultation and accounting consultation services will help.

Payroll Solutions

Payroll can be one of the most complicated parts of running a business. Szweda Consulting offers custom payroll solutions to ensure that you file your taxes and make your payments correctly.

Issues frequently arise with payroll because:

  • Calculating payroll hours and overtime hours can be difficult

  • There are many payroll taxes and benefits to payout

  • The work can increase exponentially when there are more employees

  • All individual taxes need to be paid and reconciled

Always pay your employees correctly and on time with outsourced payroll services.

Part-Time Controller

A part-time controller can issue financial statements, so you always know how your business performs.

Business owners are often surprised when they find out how much work it takes to stay on top of their finances. You have to keep track of your bank accounts, pay your bills, keep your books in order, and file your taxes correctly.

Avoid accounting problems with a part-time controller working for you who can take care of all of your financial reports.

Accounting Consultation

Szweda Consulting provides a variety of bookkeeping, accounting, and tax consulting services. Our accounting consultation services include a complete review of your current financials, advisement on how best to grow your businesses, and strategies for wealth retention.

Quickbooks Training

If you're looking for QuickBooks training to get your books in order, Szweda Consulting can provide it. We'll train you and your staff to use QuickBooks more effectively or implement the accounting software into your business operations.

Tax Preparation

When you're considering hiring a Gate Mills accountant, our tax preparation services are one of our differentiators. Our consultants will file your payroll taxes and more. You never have to worry about missing a deadline again. We'll pay for ourselves in the penalties and interest you'll save.

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Skilled Accountants in Cleveland

We believe in building a strong relationship with our clients, not just providing them with one-off services. Our Gate Mills CPA services are tailored to your company's needs, from tax advice to creating a sustainable budgeting solution. Contact us today at Szweda Consulting to find out more about what we can do for your Ohio business.

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