Gusto is our preferred partner for payroll, benefits, and HR

Loved by small businesses, Gusto makes it easy to support your hardworking team.
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Modern, full-service payroll

Help us help you

Gusto’s smart, modern tools help us advise you as efficiently as possible

Priced for your business

No hidden fees. Gusto delivers big-company service at a price small businesses can afford

Designed for you and your team

Gusto’s easy-to-use dashboard makes finding payroll and tax documents a snap
Unlimited monthly payrolls
PTO reporting and time-off requests integrated with payroll

Benefits for every budget,
integrated with payroll

Health benefits designed for your team

We’ll help you make a budget. Gusto finds you the right plan or works with your existing insurance at no extra charge

Financial benefits that don’t break the bank

401(k), 529 college savings, commuter benefits, life insurance, and more – all on one platform

Payroll and benefits, working together

Deductions automatically sync to payroll to save you time
Free administration, no hidden fees
Paperless online platform
Keep the plan you like

HR tools for hard-working teams

Onboard your team like a pro

E-sign onboarding paperwork and store it online, where you and your employees can access it easily

A smarter approach to PTO

Time tracking and time-off requests, accurately synced to your payroll and calendar

HR pros – on call for you

Gusto’s certified experts are available to answer your HR questions
Keep your policies up to date with templates drafted by experts
Gusto alerts you about new HR regulations to help protect your business
Work with HR pros to build an employee handbook

We are a Gusto Silver Partner

So we’re experts on how Gusto helps small businesses grow
Cleveland-based accounting firm with a national reach and a focus on saving you time and helping you run your business.
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