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Founded by Benjamin Szweda, Szweda Consulting LLC offers all the financial services your business needs to organize your bookkeeping records and optimize your finances. Curious how a Mayfield virtual bookkeeper or accountant can help your business? Then check out the services we offer in this area.

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Online Bookkeeping Services in Mayfield

When hiring a Szweda Consulting virtual bookkeeper or tax accountant Mayfield businesses can choose from a variety of services. Select just a single service or enjoy a suite of services to guide the financial sector of your business. We offer the following bookkeeping services.

Complete Accounts Payable

Accounts payable refers to your business' outgoing bills and expenses. When you let a Mayfield accountant handle your accounts payable, they ensure you never miss a bill or face a late fee, and they can also time the payment of your bills in a way that optimizes and protects your cash flow.

Invoice Management

On the flip side, we also offer invoice management and assistance with accounts receivable. We can issue invoices to clients, follow up on late payments, and collect incoming payments. A Mayfield accountant can help to ensure you don't miss any payments from your clients in a way that safeguards your cash flow and helps your bottom line.

Account Reconciliation

Reconciling your bank and petty cash accounts can be time-consuming and error-prone. To ensure all your payments match up at the end of the day, our Mayfield virtual bookkeeper can take care of all your account reconciliation needs for you.

Maintain Chart of Accounts

To ensure you have a clear financial picture of your business, you need your financial records organized into a chart of accounts, but plugging into a one-size-fits-all setup doesn't work. For the best results, you need a chart of accounts that have been customized to your business based on the unique challenges and concerns of your industry. Our Mayfield accountant can help design and maintain a chart of accounts to help you track income, expenses, liabilities, and more.

Payroll Processing and Tax Filing

With so many different tax laws, handling payroll can be complicated. A Mayfield accountant or bookkeeper can produce paychecks for your employees and create detailed pay stubs. They can also help you submit payroll tax returns and payments.

Benefits of Hiring a Mayfield Virtual Accountant

Resolve Discrepancies Promptly

Errors in your accounting records can translate to significant issues in your business. To help ensure your records are always correct and well organized, we use double-entry bookkeeping where every number is entered twice, ensuring the books always balance correctly.

If discrepancies occur, we resolve them promptly. We have systems in place to detect discrepancies automatically, and then we go through the records and correct issues manually.

Identify Process Improvements

The processes you use affect the clarity of your accounting records, and they have a direct impact on the time your employees have to devote to entering expenses, tracking invoices, and taking care of other accounting essentials.

To ensure you're optimizing your time and your approach to accounting, a Mayfield virtual accountant can audit your processes and help you identify areas for improvement. Constantly auditing processes and workflows can be essential if you want to ensure you're moving in the right direction.

Facilitate Implementation

Once we have identified the best processes for your business' needs, we can help to facilitate implementation. We also offer QuickBooks training and implementation to ensure you're making the most of your investment in your new accounting software.

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