Toggle Time Tracking

By Ben Szweda

If you bill clients on an hourly basis, time tracking can be in and of itself a time-consuming process. Depending on the process used, time can even slip through the cracks and go unbilled. Toggle is a web app that I recently discovered that fixes both of these problems.

With Toggl you can create clients and projects connected to those clients and assign time to them. Time can be assigned manually or with the use of a stopwatch feature. When using the stopwatch, the process for “toggling” between client projects is seamless.

The tracked time then reports out in an easy to read manner. The data is both numerically and graphically displayed and can be filtered by client/project pairs and by any date range. The total hour’s figure can be easily transferred over to the quantity line of an invoice.

While the free plan can be used indefinitely, there are many additional features available with Toggl premium plans ($9-$49 per month) including more reporting options and team and project management features. I have yet to explore these, but so far I have found Toggl to be a great time tracking tool. I have used Toggl now for 5 months and have no complaints whatsoever.

Start a free trial of Toggl here.

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