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Accounting Services In Cleveland

Everyone knows what an accountant generally does — work with money and numbers. But the field of accounting is actually extraordinarily broad and diverse. While you may know that you need an accountant, you may not know the difference between an accountant and a certified accountant, or what kind of services they can offer you.

Here’s what you need to know.

What is an Accountant?

An accountant is a professional who is responsible for the financial documents, bookkeeping, auditing, or tax preparation for individuals or businesses. Accountants can work in a number of fields: they can work directly for businesses, for accounting firms, or on their own. They are often experts in specialized fields, such as business taxation, individual taxation, auditing, small businesses, or large enterprises.

Business owners may need accountants to keep their books, file their taxes, or perform their payroll services. Individuals may need accountants to help them manage their finances or file their taxes. Either way, accountants help in keeping track of finances and keeping control of finances.

What Are Other Terms for an Accountant?

accountant and his client talkingWhen speaking about accountants, there are three terms that are often confused: bookkeeper, accountant, and CPA.

Depending on the work that you need to be done, you may need a bookkeeper, accountant, or CPA. You may even need a combination of all three.

What Does An Accountant Do?

accountant review his notesAccountants can do many things, depending on an organization or individual’s needs.

Accountants may also do things such as perform audits and help business owners make critical decisions about their financial situation.

What Makes Szweda Consulting Special?

Szweda Consulting is your Cleveland certified accountant that works nationwide. Our first consultation is free; talk to us, and you can learn more about the services that you need, and how an accounting firm can help you. We are independent and flexible, and we’re able to provide customized accounting services to meet the needs of our unique clientele.

Want to learn more? At Szweda Consulting, we work to ensure that our clients have the full accounting and bookkeeping solutions that they need to thrive. Call us today at (216) 509-1561. to book an appointment/consultation.

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