Ben Szweda

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6 Financial Ratios Every Small Business Should Know

Learning these 6 simple financial ratios will help monitor the health of your business, and prepare you to make accurate decisions in the future. In this article, we go over operating cash on hand, Months of Operating Costs in Lines of Credit Available, Working Capital Ratio, Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio, and how to calculate Accounts Receivable Days.

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How to Record Customer Deposits In QuickBooks

Many of the common issues I discover when cleaning up a new client’s QuickBooks account has to do the processes surrounding receiving customers’ payments and depositing them. In order to properly record deposits in Quickbooks, you have to create an Other Current Assets account called Undeposited Funds. Learn more in this article!

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Small Business Insurance Options

When you own your own business there are more insurances that you have to think of than if you were to be an employee of a company. Not only do you have to obtain your own medical, dental and vision insurance, but you have to consider the necessity of many other business insurance offerings.